How Do You Find a Faerie That Lies?

How Do You Find a Faerie That Lies?

I didn’t read Unhinged like I’ve planned.  Started and finished reading A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black instead.  I quite enjoyed it.  But it could have been a lot more better.

My favourite conversation from the series has got to be this.  I wonder what Roiben would say if he hears this.  XD

Kaye : Maybe it’s good that we split up.  I mean, as boyfriends go, he was always busy working.  Running an evil court takes a lot of time.

Corny : And he’s too old for you.

Kaye : And moping around all the time.  Too emo.

Corny : No car either.  What’s the point of an older boyfriend with no car?

Kaye : Hair longer than mine.

Corny : I bet he takes longer to get ready too.



First fangirl post of the year…  Of all the HOMRAxScepter 4 pairings, I love these two the most.

Reisi Munakata x Suou Mikoto.








I’ve still some books I’ve yet to read but I’m too hungover the realm of Tortall right now.  I wish I could revisit all those stories from Alanna of Trebond to her daughter Alianne of Pirate’s Swoop.  3 quartets and both the Trickster’s books will occupy me for a long time indeed.  Though there would be the problem of me not getting enough sleep during the work days.  It all seems so worth it when my nose is buried in a book but not so when I’m yawning nonstop and am dead on my feet at work.  And then there’s still the stack of new unread tomes seducing me with their promises of adventures to realms unknown.  I hope the next time I visit Kinokuniya I will find a volume of Mastiff waiting for me to take it off the shelf and bring it home.  I have half a mind to order it online right now if I do not have to pay the shipping fee…

The First Pages of 2014

The First Pages of 2014

I finally caved in and bought Tamora Pierce’s Beka Cooper books, though I still need to get Mastiff.  Beka has got to be my favourite girl from all of Tamora Pierce’s books.  And why are all the Rogues from Tortall so attractive anyway!?  I’m glad I bought the books.  I’m already halfway through Bloodhound and I only started Terrier yesterday afternoon.  I need to make another trip to Kinokuniya for Mastiff.  Too bad it wasn’t on the shelves when I drop by on Sunday.  But I made do by getting Unhinged.  I wonder how good it is…  I love Splintered but sometimes sequels don’t measure up to the first.  We shall see…



Here’s to hoping that this year brings me good fortune and luck.  More of the latter I hope.  There ain’t enough luck in my life as it is.  It is sorely needed.  And not to forget, courage.  That too is an element I do not possess as much as is needed of me to survive this cruel world.  Though it is late, here’s a toast to the new year!  In hopes of breaking out of the chains that shackled me to the ground so that I can fly free in the skies.