I’ve still some books I’ve yet to read but I’m too hungover the realm of Tortall right now.  I wish I could revisit all those stories from Alanna of Trebond to her daughter Alianne of Pirate’s Swoop.  3 quartets and both the Trickster’s books will occupy me for a long time indeed.  Though there would be the problem of me not getting enough sleep during the work days.  It all seems so worth it when my nose is buried in a book but not so when I’m yawning nonstop and am dead on my feet at work.  And then there’s still the stack of new unread tomes seducing me with their promises of adventures to realms unknown.  I hope the next time I visit Kinokuniya I will find a volume of Mastiff waiting for me to take it off the shelf and bring it home.  I have half a mind to order it online right now if I do not have to pay the shipping fee…


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