How Do You Find a Faerie That Lies?

I didn’t read Unhinged like I’ve planned.  Started and finished reading A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black instead.  I quite enjoyed it.  But it could have been a lot more better.

My favourite conversation from the series has got to be this.  I wonder what Roiben would say if he hears this.  XD

Kaye : Maybe it’s good that we split up.  I mean, as boyfriends go, he was always busy working.  Running an evil court takes a lot of time.

Corny : And he’s too old for you.

Kaye : And moping around all the time.  Too emo.

Corny : No car either.  What’s the point of an older boyfriend with no car?

Kaye : Hair longer than mine.

Corny : I bet he takes longer to get ready too.


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