“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Technically the post has nothing to do with the title.  It is just a quote that I fell in love with recently.  A string of pieced together words that describes me exactly.  One of the reasons why I could write out nearly every single thought I have in my head but could never vocalise any of them. 


But enough of that.  Back to reality, I really should stop browsing at Kino with friends who could just about get me to buy more books than I’ve planned.


Excuse No.1 – You’ve been looking for it since forever right?  What if it’s not here the next time you come?

Very true indeed.  I have been looking out for Mastiff and this edition of Fire and Hemlock at every visit but they are never there…  And this time there’s still a copy of Mastiff left because Marisa actually ordered 2 copies instead of 1 this time around!  (Definitely should get it while I still can!)


Excuse No. 2 – You have to get a book from Kino when you visit.  It’s like, the golden rule.

Oh yes…  NEVER LEAVE A BOOKSTORE WITHOUT BUYING A BOOK.  Haha…  Seems to be true whenever I hang out with Nuri at KLCC.  It’s always Books + Food + Movies whenever we hang out, and never in the same order.  And we both have more to add to our stack of ‘to read’ books at home.


Excuse No.3 – They are on discount!!!

I always check out the books on promotion every month just because I could justify spending more on books because they are cheaper.  The biggest perpetrator of my eternal splurging on books would be myself.  I have no one but myself to blame for my incessant inability to think whenever I am surrounded by books.


Excuse No. 4 – The books jumped off the shelves and hijacked my bag.

Complete denial.  Sanity level is decreasing.  Hallucinations prone to occur.


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